File format

Input files


A full list of parameters and descriptions can be found in the default configuration file default_config.yaml. This file is writtern in YAML format.


Tab-separated text file with two columns: sample_id, sample_class. The first line should be columns names: sample_id, sample_class.


This YAML file contains definition of sample groups for feature selection. In the following example, there are two comparisons: “Normal-Cancer”, “Normal-stage_A”. In “Normal-Cancer”, the negative class and positive class are “Normal” and samples with “stage_A”, “stage_B”, “stage_C” respectively. In “Normal-stage_A”, “Normal” samples are compared to only “stage_A” samples. The class labels after comparison name should match class labels defined in data/${dataset}/sample_classes.txt.

Normal-Cancer: ['Normal', 'stage_A,stage_B,stage_C']
Normal-stage_A: ['Normal', 'stage_A']


Tab-separated text file with at least two columns: sample_id, batch1, batch2. The first line should be columns names. Note that only one batch variable is supported at one time, although it is possible to specify multiple batch variables in the file. When multiple batch variables are specified, you can set the batch_index variable in config/${dataset}.yaml file.


Tab-separated text file of read counts. Columns are samples and rows are features. The first line should be column names. The first column should be row names.

Feature selection

Variables in file patterns

Variable Descrpition
output_dir Output directory for the dataset, e.g. output/dataset
preprocess_method Combination of matrix processing methods
count_method Type of feature counts, e.g. domains_combined, domains_long, transcript, featurecounts
compare_group Name of the negative-positive class pair defined in compare_groups.yaml
classifier Classifier defined in the configuration file
n_select Maximum number of features to select
selector Feature selection method, e.g. robust, rfe
fold_change_filter_direction Direction of fold change for filtering features. Three possible values: up, down and any

List of files in output directory

File name pattern Descrpition
features.txt Selected features. Plain text with one column: feature names
feature_importances.txt Plain text with two columns: feature name, feature importance
samples.txt Sample IDs in input matrix selected for feature selection
classes.txt Sample class labels selected for feature selection
final_model.pkl Final model fitted on all samples in Python pickle format
metrics.train.txt Evaluation metrics on training data. First row is metric names. First column is index of each train-test split
metrics.test.txt Same format with metrics.train.txt on test data.
cross_validation.h5 Cross-validation details in HDF5 format.

Cross validation details (cross_validation.h5)

Dataset name Dimension Description
feature_selection (n_splits, n_features) Binary matrix indicating features selected in each cross-validation split
labels (n_samples,) True class labels
predicted_labels (n_splits, n_samples) Predicted class labels on all samples
predictions (n_splits, n_samples) Predicted probabilities of the positive class (or decision function for SVM)
train_index (n_splits, n_samples) Binary matrix indicating training samples in each cross-validation split